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Adopt the fully open-source stack to stand up verified, standards-compliant unmanned traffic management (UTM) services. Compatible with your software and local regulations.

Full Stack UTM support for your company

Explore how we can support the development, implementation of UTM capabilities within your organization. We are experts in UTM regulations, certification and verification requirements. Our products give unmatched data sovereignty and help you get compliant fast.



Planning to deploy UTM services in the EU / U-Space? We are familiar with technical requirements of UTM software verification and the certification process. We can help your company with the certification journey by providing support, technology and expertise.



We help you adopt and deploy world class opensource UTM technology within your company's infrastructure. We can also help you manage it professionally. UTM services are complex technology that need professional support and expertise, we take care of it for you.



We provide support and the tools to help with technical self-certification processes. This includes inter-operability testing and ongoing verification / audit of your UTM services. Employing third-parties will ensure good root cause analysis processes for your issues and robust software quality.


Professional Services

Full-service compliance support

We provide full professional support for compliance, verification and deployment of UTM services. Opensource technology provides a unique opportunity to "embrace and extend" the technology and as experts in regulations and certification, we can help with your efforts.

New Course on UTM software verification

UTM Software verification

EU Regulations call for self-certification and verification of UTM servcies, experience how open-source technology can help with your software verfication processes.

In great company

Over the past few years we have developed expertise and experience in supporting national UTM programs, research and deployments within private companies and contributions to projects such as InterUSS.

Africa - Malawi

We work with UNICEF to support and deploy UTM systems to enable unmanned flights

Europe - UK

Worked with Connected Places Catapult as a part technical support for the national UTM program

Asia - Japan

Working with local partners as a part of national projects over the past few years

Europe - Switzerland

We work with the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) to develop internal tools and proceses.

The OpenUTM stack

The OpenUTM technology stack consists of two professionally maintainted products: Flight Blender (backend) and Flight Spotlight (frontend) and ancillary services that are required to support and maintain these software. Are you a developer? Join our community and get involved!

Flight Blender.

  • Tick Network Remote ID Service
  • Tick Airtraffic normalization
  • Tick Flight Authorization
  • Tick ED-269 Geofence processing
Flight Blender →

Flight Spotlight.

  • Tick Remote-ID Display
  • Tick Map and Timeline
  • Tick Flight Noticeboard
  • Tick 3D Globe
Flight Spotlight →

Standards Compliance

Flight Blender is compatible with the following UTM standards

As the standards are developed and evolve, Flight Blender will be compatible with them as well so that you are always update to do date.

  • Tick ASTM F3411-22 Standard specification for Remote ID and Tracking
  • Tick Authorize flights in the context of conflicts and incorrect data (strategic deconfliction) via ASTM F3548-21
  • Tick Consume and utilize geofences per the ED-269 data format and standard.
  • Tick Customized implementation to accept Air-traffic data from sources such as ADS-B etc.

Embrace and Extend

The OpenUTM technology stack can be deployed in your organization to help support your UTM implementation efforts. Embrace the software as it is and extend it by adding your systems and software around it.

The OpenUTM stack for your company

See what your team can do with the OpenUTM stack. Have a question? We are here to help.

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